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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 04:01 PM
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Ft. Collins Radon Action Month Returns

Radon Awareness Month Fort CollinsDo you remember what you did last year during radon action month? Did you take action against radon gas in your Ft. Collins home? If you did not take the action you needed to last year, radon action month returns this year. You have a month to prepare to take the appropriate action for your Ft. Collins home to reduce your risk of lung cancer.

Even if your home is free of radon gas, and already has a mitigation system installed, you may be an advocate to the health effects of radon gas, and promote the importance of testing. Radon gas affects so many lives each year, and it is humbling to know that you may be the difference in a life or death situation for your neighbors if you simply speak up. It is important to share your experiences with your neighbors, and let them know the dangers of radon gas during radon action month.

Radon Action Month for Ft. Collins, CO

If you live in Ft. Collins, then you may have a higher risk of having elevated levels of radon gas. The important thing to do is to educate yourself during the radon action month. Each year radon gas kills 20,000 in the form of lung cancer. Radon gas is natural forming from your elements in the soil beneath your home. While it is natural, it is radioactive, and can cause serious damage to your health if not handled appropriately. During radon action month, you can further your education about radon gas by reading up on material from S.W.A.T. Environmental, and reading information from the EPA.

If you already know all the facts about radon, it is always good to review during radon action month. Reading the facts alone are enough to make many want to take action for their Ft. Collins home. The first step in taking action for your home is radon testing. Radon testing allows a professional to assess the threat level that you are at for lung cancer. The radon testing can bring peace of mind too if you have low levels of gas. If you have high levels, a radon mitigation system is necessary. If you have low levels, you do not need to worry and do not have to test your home for another year or two.

If your home has high levels of radon gas, radon action month is the perfect time to have a professional install a mitigation system. A professional will be able know how to properly install your system with the proven techniques which can lower your gas levels by as much as 99%. S.W.A.T. Environmental specializes in techniques that are not invasive, meaning you will hardly know your Ft. Collins home even has a mitigation system. A mitigation system may be cheaper than you think, and we always offer a free quote. Whatever you do, make sure you plan for to do something during radon action month this January.