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Friday, December 16, 2011 @ 09:12 PM
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Fort Collins Business Owners Need to Be Prepared for Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion Ft. Collins Colorado
Businesses around the country are grappling with the problem of vapor intrusion, or VI, and the Ft. Collins, Colorado area is certainly no exception. If you own a business, operate a warehouse or run a factory in the Ft. Collins, Colorado area, it is important to have all of your commercial facilities tested for vapor intrusion as soon as possible. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to provide a safe and secure workplace for your employees. If you fail to do so, even unwittingly, you could be subject to severe fines and penalties. Having your Ft. Collins, Colorado area businesses tested for vapor intrusion is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your workers and your investments are protected.

It is important to have your Ft. Collins, Colorado area commercial buildings tested for vapor intrusion, even if the ground and water were tested prior to construction. Vapor intrusion involves the migration of volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals, petroleum hydrocarbons and other contaminants. The nature of the problem means that these contaminants could have migrated into your Ft. Collins, Colorado buildings since the testing was done. Unless you have the facilities tested by a qualified and licensed company you can never know for sure.

Test Your Ft. Collins Business for Vapor Intrusion Today

Vapor intrusion happens when contaminants in the soil or groundwater under your Ft. Collins, Colorado facilities seep up into the living and working space. This seepage can take place slowly over time, and there is no way to know that your business is affected other than having the facilities tested. If left untreated, vapor intrusion can lead to a rash of problems for owners of Ft. Collins, Colorado businesses and commercial facilities, including health problems among their employees, legal issues and a reduction in property values.

The easiest way to avoid these problems is to have your Ft. Collins, Colorado area business facilities tested for vapor intrusion as soon as possible. Whether you own a single commercial facility or dozens of warehouses and factories, it is important to have the groundwater and soil under each building tested for signs of vapor intrusion. It is not uncommon for soil and water in the Ft. Collins, Colorado area to show signs of chemical contamination, from volatile organic compounds to petroleum distillates and heavy metals. Only a qualified contractor will be able to determine if these contaminants are slowly seeping into your commercial facilities.

If the testing finds that your Ft. Collins, Colorado is free of vapor intrusion, you can rest easy knowing that your workers and your firm are protected. If the testing shows that you do have high levels of vapor intrusion, the firm you hire can work with you on a mitigation and remediation plan. Developing a plan of action is important, both for the safety of your workers and the status of your business in the Ft. Collins, Colorado area. But it all starts with testing, and the time to have your buildings and commercial facilities evaluated for vapor intrusion is now.