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What To Do About a Colorado Radon Problem in Ft. Collins

If you live in Ft. Collins, Colorado, you already know how beautiful the scenery is. What you may not know, however, is that you and your family could be at risk from an enemy you cannot even see. Radon gas is completely colorless and odorless, but it can also be deadly. In fact, other than cigarette smoking, radon gas is the biggest lung cancer risk out there. Even if no one in your family smokes, you could still be at risk for lung cancer if you have high levels of radon in your home.

Fixing Colorado Radon Problems Fort CollinsThe nature of Ft. Collins can sometimes mean that residents are at higher than average risk of Colorado radon contamination. The sturdy bedrock typical of the area can predispose houses to radon contamination. One of the main ways gas enters homes is through cracks in the bedrock. The foundation of your home does not have to be cracked or damaged for gas to enter. Colorado Radon can enter through the tiniest of cracks, so all Ft. Collins, Colorado residents can be at risk. Of course the risk is greater if you do have a crack in the foundation of your Ft. Collins home.

If you have ever had problems with basement flooding, your home could be at risk from Colorado radon problems as well. The same cracks and defects in the walls of your Ft. Collins, Colorado home could be allowing radon to seep into your basement. And once that radon is in your basement, it is all too easy for radon to seep throughout your entire home. Radon tends to enter the homes in Ft. Collins through the basement, but it is unlikely to remain confined to that space for very long. The nature of radon means that it rises along with the air currents in your home, and soon your entire house can be contaminated with Colorado radon.

Colorado Radon Testing Before You Buy a Home

When you bought your home in Ft. Collins, you may have had a radon test done, and that test may have convinced you that you do not have a radon problem. But while a negative radon test can be reassuring, it is important to not be lulled into a false sense of security. Having your Ft. Collins home tested for radon every few years can give you real peace of mind, and help you sleep easier knowing that your family is protected.

Valuable Radon Information From Neighbors

If you are a new Ft. Collins, Colorado resident, talk to your neighbors and ask about their experience with Colorado radon. Chances are you will encounter at least one person who has had to deal with a radon problem in their Ft. Collins, Colorado home. Those with experience getting rid of radon can provide you with valuable information about how to mitigate the damage radon can cause, and how to keep a radon problem from coming back. Since radon seeps up from the ground, it is important to find the true source of the radon and take the necessary steps to stop the gas from getting in. A Colorado radon company with extensive experience in the Fort Collins area can help you do just that.